Course curriculum

  • 1

    Aloha & welcome! God partners with us to remove obstacles to creativity. Hear from Caleb Byerly, Matt Tommey, Karla Takazono, Leila Fujinaka, Chris Yanuaria with Mark Palompo and Michele Okimura

    • Thursday Night Full Length Session

  • 2

    See with new eyes the wildly creative ways God partners with us. Dr. Eric Phelps, Francis Oda, Scott Winters

    • Friday Night Session Full Length Video

  • 3

    Ready to create? Asia Anderson, Chaz Umamoto, Jan Tetsutani, Matt Tommey

    • Saturday Morning Main Session

    • Lunchtime Treat: Catching the Moments - DELRO ROSCO

    • Lunchtime Treat: Creative Contact & Resources

  • 4

    Workshops: Acting, Painting, Floral Design, Poetry, Intimacy, Finances, Event Planning, Organization, Freeing the Heart, Songwriting

    • W1-1 An Actor Prepares -Antonio Anagaran.

    • W1-2 Painting with Jesus -Karla Takazono, Jodi and Jason Ortiz, Nick Nickelberry.

    • W1-3 Spirit Led Floral Design- Joyce Kaneshiro

    • W1-4 The Power of Poetry - Faye Nickelberry.

    • W1-6 Manage Your Finances to Live Debt-Free, Leave a Legacy and Be a Generous Giver to God's Work -Del Fujinaka.

    • W1-7 Creating Atmosphere : Event Planning - Shannon Morocco.

    • W1-8 The Beauty of Creative Organization - Jenn Bryant.

    • W1-9 Freeing the Heart of the Creative - Jason & Tisha Lehfeldt.

    • W1-10 Praising God with Words and Music: Worship Songwriting - Chaz Umamoto.

  • 5

    Workshops: Producing,Dance,Journaling Art,Business,Instruments,Acting,Envisioning,Book Writing,Baking,Storytelling

    • W2-1 Producer's Workshop for Beginners - Scott Winters.

    • W2-2 When the Spirit Says Dance - Nicole Lam.

    • W2-3 Hide it in Your HeArt: Bible Journaling-Debbie Ong.

    • W2-4 -Finding Your Creative Flow in the Marketplace: Business Entrepreneurship- Carol Hayashida, Cheye Alarcio, Scott & Mikela Kobayashi, Del Fujinaka.

    • W2-5 Instruments for Intimacy - Jay Iranon.

    • W2-6 Acting as a Service Industry - Frank & Kathleen Monteleone.

    • W2-7 Envisioning with God - Francis Oda.

    • W2-8 Stop Thinking About Writing That Book and Do It - Glenn Stanton.

    • W2-9 Baking: Edible Sculptures Inspired by the Holy Spirit - Jocelyn Sasaki.

    • W2-10 STORYTELLING: The Hero's Journey - Shiloh Kaneshiro.

  • 6

    The World Needs You! Linda Croon Smith, Caroline Oda, Frank& Kathleen Monteleone,Tiffa Garza

    • Saturday Afternoon Main Session Full Length Video